Canadian Salary Survey – Science and Technology

See table for salaries.

Average Canadian Science and Technology Salary — Canadian Science and Technology Salaries — Science Wages in Canada

The pay information below has been split into rough bands as follows:

›› Low pay:
The bottom 10 percent of workers earn this.
›› High pay:
The top 10 percent of workers earn this.
›› Average pay:
The average wage in this sector after removing the bottom 10 percent and the top 10 percent of workers. Average pay is then calculated on the remaining 80 percent of workers’ wages.

Average Hourly Wages for Science and Technology Jobs

JobLocationLow Wage
$ per hr
Average Wage
$ per hr
High Wage
$ per hr
Computer EngineersToronto$21$35$51
(not Software)Calgary$21$39$47
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Toronto$15$21$32
Technologists and Technicians Calgary$15$29$48
Electronic Service TechniciansToronto$14$19$26
(Household and Business Equipment) Calgary$17$23$27

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