The Climate and Weather of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Average Daily Maximum Temperature – Minimum – Sunshine – Raindays – Snowdays – Snowdepth – Windspeed

Halifax’s climate is less severe than might be expected.

This is a result of its location on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Winter temperatures are higher and summer temperatures are lower than those encountered in towns farther inland.

Halifax has an eastern-maritime climate, with a short, warm summer and a cold winter. Disturbed, changeable weather is common throughout the year.

Snow depths of greater than 1 cm are seen on about 85 days each year in Halifax.

Comparing Halifax with some other Canadian cities, snow depths of greater than 1 cm are seen on about:

10 days each year in Vancouver, 35 days in Penticton, 53 days each year in Windsor, 65 days in Toronto, 88 days in Calgary, 105 days each year in Fredericton, 109 days in Montreal, 120 days in Ottawa, and 132 days in Winnipeg.

Sunshine is somewhat less common in Halifax than in most Canadian cities owing to Nova Scotia’s notorious fogs. Halifax has over 100 days of mist or fog each year.

Summers in Halifax are pleasantly warm. The best summer weather is usually encountered in mid-summer and late summer when, compared with earlier in the season, fogs are rare.

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Av. Daily
Max. Temp.

Av. Daily
Temp. (°C)

Av. hours
(per day)

Av. Days

Av. Days

Av. Depth
Snow on
Ground (cm)

Av. Wind
(km per hr)



  1. marty tharp says:

    When is the best time to see fall colors in the area?Is October too late?

  2. Kathleen Jardine says:

    How common is it to have power outages? And in what seasons? What about internet outages (if those exist at all outside of power outages)?

    • Patricia D Parker says:

      Where are the best places to look for hobby farms in Nova Scotia, and since we will be trying to immigrate from the US, is it required that you live in the province in which you work?

  3. Gordon Mosher says:

    Right around the Thanksgiving weekend in October.

  4. is Nov 1 too late for fall foliage in Halifax?

    • Christine Davison says:

      That’s actually a perfect time. Our fall foliage tends to be best towards the end of October beginning of November.

  5. Yogesh Bramhecha says:

    We are a couple planning to move to Halifax after living in Montreal for around 8 years. The only reason is a big job opportunity that came along and hence the purely career-based decision. We are however a bit uncertain about the “downgrading” from the metro lifestyle of Montreal and hence would like to inquire if it will be a drastic difference? We are a young couple, like to live active lifestyle and are very social. Any suggestions/ recommendations would be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • I’ve been to both Montreal and Halifax. For its size, Halifax has a lot going on. It’s not like Montreal which is probably the most happening city in Canada in my opinion, but you can definitely find a lot of events to do in Halifax, and it’s definitely a modern city with a twist. I don’t think you’re going to have any issues.

  6. Hello,
    I just finish nursing school in Toronto and is considering to move to Halifax for work. I’m a bit worried about the winters and life style considering moving from Toronto. What is rent, food, transportation like, do I need a car or is public transportation good?

    • The winters here are much more mild than in Toronto. We dont get the extreme temperatures because we’re on the coast. If you live and work in the city you won’t need a car. If you live outside you might want one. Rent is pretty cheap, especially compared to Toronto! And the food here is pretty diverse, I like it.

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