Associate Professor Salary – Atlantic Provinces – With Senior Administrative Duties

See table for salaries.

Associate Professor Salaries — Canadian Education Salaries — Academic Wages in Canada’s Atlantic Provinces

The pay information below has been split into rough bands as follows:

›› Low pay: The bottom 10 percent of workers earn this.
›› High pay: The top 10 percent of workers earn this.
›› Average pay: The average wage in this sector after removing the bottom 10 percent and the top 10 percent of workers. Average pay is then calculated on the remaining 80 percent of workers’ wages.

Annual Salary for Associate Professors in 2009 With Senior Administrative Duties

UniversityLow PayAverage PayHigh Pay
Memorial University of Newfoundland$86,007$99,672$118,393
University of Prince Edward Island$81,094$90,673$134,076
Acadia University, Nova Scotia*$81,769$89,769$99,769
Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia$93,239$110,930$150,777
Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia$77,586$98,480$100,726
St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia$74,876$93,451$110,982
Saint Mary’s University, Nova Scotia$83,407$101,865$121,847
University College of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia*$71,753$83,751$100,297
Mount Allison University, New Brunswick$82,824$93,134$113,755
University of New Brunswick$89,713$110,889$123,023
Universite de Moncton, New Brunswick$77,819$95,649$106,901
Saint Thomas University, New Brunswick$81,878$96,810$105,262

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